When It Comes To Your Children’s Education, Think About Sports Too!

sports-in-schoolSports should play a big role when it comes to your children’s education for a variety of reasons.

It is widely acknowledged today that sports and being more active physically does have a number of health benefits for children when they grow up.

But in addition to the benefits for your children’s health from sports, sports can also help to promote areas qualities in your children that they cannot normally get from conventional classes. Think about qualities such as teamwork where sports is just ideal.

Because of those above outlined reasons sports should be important to you and your children. Unfortunately, not all schools in the United Kingdom are necessarily ideal when it comes to sports.

If sports plays a big role in your family (and it really should!) here is what you can do before you choose on a school for your children:

Always call up the school before you enroll your children and ask them about their sports-related classes and facilities. Ask them whether they have soccer teams, swim teams, hockey teams and so forth. Does the school have their own sports facilities such as a gym, running track and a pool?

Those can all be indications about what priorities sports will have in a school that you have in mind.

However, even after you called up the school, visit them in person. You obviously want to bring your children with you for that initial visit. Take your time to not only talk with their staff but also their pupils. If the school has sports facilities you should inspect them. Sometimes, a school may well tell you that they offer this or that but won’t exactly let you know if their facilities are outdated or in disrepair. So make sure you take a look yourself and don’t just take their word for it.

There are many great private schools in the United Kingdom but they can obviously differ in terms of what they offer. Sports is certainly among those things that’s not equal in all our schools. For my own children I chose one of the better schools here in the area, the Kingshottschool. It is a reputable private school Hertfordshire that also has an excellent selection when it comes to sports. My children couldn’t be happier.

Today’s Best Locations for Golf Holidays

When people think about golf holidays and all the places they can go today, most of the time they will think about the popular places and golf venues in Italy, Spain and France. Other countries may also be good destination for golf enthusiasts but they are usually less popular compared to those three countries.

Perfect Golf Holidays

Perfect Golf Holidays

France is in particular popular amongst golfers since it has a number of cities that have recently become true hotspots for golfers.

One example for such a popular destination would be Biarritz in South-Western France.

This popular town alone features eight fantastically designed golf courses.

But there are other interesting locations in France for golf lovers such as the more posh areas around Cannes or Nice or those golfing venues in the French Provence.

The northern part of France is in particular interesting for those who like the very mild climate and for those people who prefer shorter travel times for their golf holidays.

Another great country that offers great opportunities for golf enthusiasts is Italy. The lake area in northern Italy with the lakes Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore is in particular popular amongst golf enthusiasts and other vacationers.

Similarly to the north of France, Italy’s North has a moderate and mild climate that is just perfect for the game of golf. Here you can find a number of great venues and courses in midst a spectacular landscape with the Alps mountains to the north and the Adriatic Sea just a short drive away. The Italian lakes are also a great vacation spot for those golfers who like to take trips to the nearby cities of Milan, Verona or Venice.

Whether you plan to go to France or think that Italy should be your next golf break destination, both countries can offer you everything you could wish-for. Be assured that a truly fantastic golf holiday will await you!

Tiger Woods Injury Might Cost Golf $15bn

Competitive golf today is an estimated $68.8 billion industry. Tiger Wood’s injury is estimated to cost the sport a good chunk of that money.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the golf icon’s injury may cost golf as much as $15 billion. Some go even so far as to see the end of golf on the horizon in a time were golf venues and clubs have troubles getting new members interested in the sport.

Now it is time that the sport needs to look at the bigger picture. According to the above article (and the writer is certainly not alone with that opinion), golf used Woods “as its big excuse for Apathy. Woods brought the uninitiated to the game. They turned on for Tiger, when they never dreamt of doing so before. His genius, his back story, yes, his skin colour, brought a whole new audience and, for a while, golf boomed. “.

What is your opinion? How will Tiger Wood’s injury affect the future of golf? Are we seeing the end of golf as we know it and will his absence once again turn golf into the sport of a handful of elites only?

Some Horse Racing Tips That Work

It is not exactly difficult to find a plethora of allegedly working horse racing systems and tips today, in particular if you do some research on this on the Internet. The problem here is just that most of them will simply not work. Oftentimes you may have to spend a good deal of money to get some obscure horse racing tips and they won’t really be of any use.

What Horse Racing Tips Do Really Work?

What Horse Racing Tips Do Really Work?

It’s not surprising that some may start to wonder whether working horse racing tips  actually exist. The good news is that some of the systems out there can and do work. It is these tips that don’t involve any magic or “secret” system but simply applied knowledge and sometimes a little maths.

The best horse racing tips are those where you are able to turn luck in your favour by knowing your odds and winning chances in advance. And the method to get there is by doing research and by gaining a certain amount of knowledge in regards to the races.

Some betting professionals keep meticulous journals where they record and note down the history of wins and losses for each horse. They observe the races for several months to get an idea about what horses may have the best chances under what circumstances such as the track in question, the jockey and sometimes even the weather conditions.

In addition to them going to the races frequently, they also get as much information as they can from the major horse racing websites and magazines. The key here is to get a feel for the chances of winning before betting. Over time, those professionals can actually win a good amount of money at the races simply because they gained a lot more knowledge about the horses they bet on as compared to the average person who often doesn’t have that kind of information.

If you take the time to do this type of research you too can become a successful better at the races.

The Best Paid Sports Teams

A recent article in the Daily Mail reveals which sports teams are getting paid the most. According to the article, the US teams of the Major League along with the NBA take the top places when it comes to the world’s top 20 best-paid teams.

Top Earners: Manchester City

Top Earners: The Team of Manchester City

However, Manchester City keeps being the #1 spot on the list as the best paid sports team of all times. Each player of Manchester get $8.1M per season on average.

The team of Manchester City is closely followed by the New York Yankees where a player gets about $8M per season and the LA Dodgers that on average make $7.8m each.

At http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-2605058/US-sports-teams-dominate-best-paid-teams-world-sport.html you can read more about the 20 top paid sports team.