First Aid & Sports

First Aid Courses CornwallAnyone who is active in sports knows that with the joy and the thrills comes also a heightened risk for injuries.

The vast majority of sports injuries are fortunately minor.

Almost any sports enthusiast might at some time have experienced a strained muscle or ligament, but those are injuries that with he right treatment won’t lead to long-lasting health problems.

But then there are also those cases where sports injuries can be more serious. And when those types of injuries or accidents happen, knowing about the proper first aid can be immensely helpful.

The reason why knowing about first aid is so important is that in almost all cases of an unforeseen sports injury or accident it may take a while until a medical professional will be around. Even if a doctor is nearby it can still take several minutes until they arrive at the injured for medical help.

With first aid you can greatly help reduce any further injuries until medical help arrives. This knowledge will be valuable during sports but of course knowing about first aid can be extremely helpful in numerous other situations. Accidents can happen all-the time, not only in sport but also at work, in your own home and while on the road driving.

In some cases, the proper first aid can actually save lives. Think about being able to assist someone who is about to choke or knowing what to do when someone has an heart attack. But of course there are countless more situations where lives can be saved with the proper knowledge.

How can you train yourself, your family or your employees in first aid?

There are several ways to go about this. Often, community colleges may offer first aid training courses that you can attend. This can be a good option if you are a private person and of course if you have the time to visit such courses.

Another option to get first aid training would be to consult with a provider that offers those courses. This is a good option for companies since those first aid training course providers can actually come to your premises and teach you.

BX Medical in the UK is one provider for first aid courses in Cornwall that I can recommend. They’re also good if you’re looking for first aid in Hampshire and surroundings.

Drink Water Instead Of Soft Drinks

The Soccer World Cup is going on in full force and what we see is one ad after the other for soft drinks suggesting that those sugary drinks are “healthy” or in some way especially suitable for sports.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Rest assured, you will hardly ever see a professional athlete or soccer player sipping on a Coke, Pepsi or any of the other so often advertized soft drinks. (Don’t let their tricots with ads on them fool you either.)

Studies have shown that many of those drinks can have up to 47 grams of sugar. Rather than a can of Sprite or a cola, you should avoid sugary soft drinks especially during sporty activities. Nothing can beat a bottle of water. Good old plain water is the best for your health and this is true for athletes and us normal folks as well.


Tiger Woods Injury Might Cost Golf $15bn

Competitive golf today is an estimated $68.8 billion industry. Tiger Wood’s injury is estimated to cost the sport a good chunk of that money.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the golf icon’s injury may cost golf as much as $15 billion. Some go even so far as to see the end of golf on the horizon in a time were golf venues and clubs have troubles getting new members interested in the sport.

Now it is time that the sport needs to look at the bigger picture. According to the above article (and the writer is certainly not alone with that opinion), golf used Woods “as its big excuse for Apathy. Woods brought the uninitiated to the game. They turned on for Tiger, when they never dreamt of doing so before. His genius, his back story, yes, his skin colour, brought a whole new audience and, for a while, golf boomed. “.

What is your opinion? How will Tiger Wood’s injury affect the future of golf? Are we seeing the end of golf as we know it and will his absence once again turn golf into the sport of a handful of elites only?

Some Horse Racing Tips That Work

It is not exactly difficult to find a plethora of allegedly working horse racing systems and tips today, in particular if you do some research on this on the Internet. The problem here is just that most of them will simply not work. Oftentimes you may have to spend a good deal of money to get some obscure horse racing tips and they won’t really be of any use.

What Horse Racing Tips Do Really Work?

What Horse Racing Tips Do Really Work?

It’s not surprising that some may start to wonder whether working horse racing tips  actually exist. The good news is that some of the systems out there can and do work. It is these tips that don’t involve any magic or “secret” system but simply applied knowledge and sometimes a little maths.

The best horse racing tips are those where you are able to turn luck in your favour by knowing your odds and winning chances in advance. And the method to get there is by doing research and by gaining a certain amount of knowledge in regards to the races.

Some betting professionals keep meticulous journals where they record and note down the history of wins and losses for each horse. They observe the races for several months to get an idea about what horses may have the best chances under what circumstances such as the track in question, the jockey and sometimes even the weather conditions.

In addition to them going to the races frequently, they also get as much information as they can from the major horse racing websites and magazines. The key here is to get a feel for the chances of winning before betting. Over time, those professionals can actually win a good amount of money at the races simply because they gained a lot more knowledge about the horses they bet on as compared to the average person who often doesn’t have that kind of information.

If you take the time to do this type of research you too can become a successful better at the races.

The Best Paid Sports Teams

A recent article in the Daily Mail reveals which sports teams are getting paid the most. According to the article, the US teams of the Major League along with the NBA take the top places when it comes to the world’s top 20 best-paid teams.

Top Earners: Manchester City

Top Earners: The Team of Manchester City

However, Manchester City keeps being the #1 spot on the list as the best paid sports team of all times. Each player of Manchester get $8.1M per season on average.

The team of Manchester City is closely followed by the New York Yankees where a player gets about $8M per season and the LA Dodgers that on average make $7.8m each.

At you can read more about the 20 top paid sports team.