Fitness in London Fields

fitness-gym London Fields

With the recent flood of budget gyms all across the United Kingdom it becomes increasingly more difficult to find a quality gym where you can still get good service or know that they actually care for their customers.

I don’t know about you, but when I see some of those “cheap” gyms here in East London it becomes often evident to me that those chains don’t care about quality, whether it’s their outdated equipment or their poor service.

For those budget gyms it seems to me it’s all about offering a gym membership at the lowest possible price, no matter at what cost.

In the past you might possibly have paid a little more for you fitness gym, but then you always knew what you got for your money. I remember a time were pretty much any gym had a swimming pool that you could use when you wanted or they had great big screen TVs so you could watch your favourite shows while doing your routines.

Today you will be lucky if your gym has even halfway up-to-date equipment that you can use. Things that where totally normal not long ago like pools or watching TV are now considered a luxury.

If you ask me, those types of gyms are really not a lot of fun and more. This is why I am always looking for some of the “old-fashioned” studios where I can get all that I expect from a good gym such as friendly service and modern equipment.

London Fields is currently my favourite fitness gym in East London. With them I also like that they have a really great selection on training classes for example Pilates in Hackney. Their trainers are also super-friendly and first-class, unlike some of those students you see in some of the other gym chains around here.