New Effective Fire Detection Systems for Stadiums

spotfire-cameraIt can be very difficult and impractical to install fire detection systems in large stadiums and similar venues.

The size of those venues often means that conventional fire detection systems can be rather ineffective.

The other issue here are can be the costsĀ  of traditional detection systems.

Venues such as stadiums or outdoor areas would need numerous detectors installed in multiple places and even then it can be difficult to entirely cover the area for effective fire detection.

Now, there is a new way to detect fires in such locations fast and effectively, this is by using fire detection cameras such as the Spotfire camera.

The Spotfire camera is ideal for all those places where conventional fire detection measures are rather ineffective. It has several advantageswhich I want to go over here in this article.

A fire detection camera works by analysing images to detect flames. A camera can cover a wide field of view which makes it ideal for fast, open areas such as stadiums or large atriums.

The other big advantage of a fire detect camera such as the Spotfire camera is that it can detect fires a lot faster compared to conventional fire detection systems. The reason is that with those systems, smoke or heat first needs to reach a sensor first to trigger a alarm. This is not the case with a fire detection camera. Those cameras are using advanced image analysis to detect flames which means they can even be placed in a distance so don’t need to be close by the source of a fire.

Modern fire detection cameras can detect a fire within seconds. The camera can be connected to existing CCTV systems. They can automatically trigger an alarm upon detection of fire and can also place an automatic call to the local fire brigade.

The Spotfire F-Cam fire detection camera is today’s fastest and most effective way to detect fires for most types of large sports venues.